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Ann Takamaki (ENFP) - Persona 5 MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
Ann Takamaki MBTI ENFP - Persona MBTI Types

Ann Takamaki ENFP - Persona 5 Myers-Briggs Types

Don't know if I ever shared this here on Ann Takamaki and why shes's ENFP and a Ne dom and Fi user. So here it is, I'm gonna do another post on her soon so look out for it.

Ann Takamaki - ENFP, I've seen people confused on her for awhile now and she gets mistyped ESFJ a lot as usual since ENFPs and ESFJs get mixed up a lot like Starfire from Teen Titans cartoon, another ENFP girl. Ann Takamaki is idealistic, airheaded, sensitive and very insecure as a NF and in a Fi user way, energetic, tomboyish and laid back, spontaneous and easygoing, happy-go-lucky, and fun, lives by her inner values with her Fi and cares about efficiency at times with her Te, and is curious and is always brainstorming in her mind on what she should do with her Ne and is indecisive and second guesses things sometimes a lot and focuses a lot on the past with her inferior Si as well. Ann reflects on her own inner values all the time with her aux Fi and is a very empathetic person as a Fi user and uses her Fi to want to help people and relate to them the best she can, yes Fe users aren't the only people who love to help people and others too, Fi users care ALOT about helping others as well even more so than Fe users in some cases actually.

She loves new ideas and is very easygoing and open minded with her dom Ne and holds onto details with her Si but struggles with them all the time too. The wiki describes her as airheaded and dumb sometimes and misses things but intelligent with her perception and strong intuition and reading people's character well with her Ne and Fi. Read about it here down below, Ann Takamaki is too scatterbrained, airheaded, very future oriented with her Ne, struggles with certain topics and some academics, too idealistic, and overly insecure in a NF way even if anyone can be insecure of course, and relies too much on her intuition to read people's character in the story to be an ESFJ and she wants to help people with her Fi rather and reflects on her Fi inner values and hardly uses Fe much at all. She procrastinates and is bad at structure and rules, guidelines and structure as a P perciever and isn't a J at all, most ESFJs are diligent and good at studying and Ann Takamaki is not at all and is very lazy and procrastinates things all the time. She's good at intuitively reading others and situations easily with her Ne intuition and can sometimes focus on details with her inferior Si even if she overall struggles with it and is overall bad at details, school, and airheaded as a Ne dom girl and ENFP and is very scatterbrained with her head in the clouds most the time as we see in the game and the wiki says down below. Ann is always trusting her intuition and relying on hunches like she does with Madarame and his paintings and predicting something is up beneath the surface and that he's lying to them about the Sayuri, her Ne thinks something is not right here the whole time and sees patterns and makes connections the whole time. And she follows her inner values and heart and has strong inner feelings about things and people and relates strongly to peoples personal experience with her Fi, this is her Fi coming out and not Fe at all causing the confusion here. Ann Takamaki is intuitive and a Ne user and a happy go lucky optimistic ENFP girl and idealist as a NF girl too. She's the perfect example of a ENFP girl. Ann also cares for efficiency a lot of the time with her Te and holds onto past experiences a lot with her Si inferior but is airheaded, bad with details and is unstructured and procrastinates a lot with her low Si and being a perciever girl as a ENFP.

Read her Personality section here to see further why Ann Takamaki is ENFP and it'll all make sense:

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