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    Default Help my type my boyfriend! :) EXTX

    For a long time I was really sure he's an ESTP, but now I think he also might be an ENTP, or ESTJ, so I'd say he is an EXTX, I really need some help here. :-) . I will try to describe him as accurate as I can. I see a lot of Se in him, but also I feel some Te and Ni, that's what make me unsure.
    I think he's an typical extrovert. He loves parties, is very socially skilled, has many friends and he's very talkative. He can adapt to a situation he is in almost imidietly and knows how to act, I think that's what makes him likeable around others. His main topic of interest is technology. He study as electrician, but he is also very interested in computers, mainly graphics and wants to work with it in the future. When he doesn't talk abot technology he is all in this fantasy geeky stuff like comics, fantasy games, books, movies. He actually reads a lot and he likes to learn new informations. What I don't like about him and think is in conflict between us two, is he is very opinionated and extremly stubboron. You can never ever change his opinion about anything, he will fight and argue with you until you just give up. In his doubts he usses the most random arguments I've heard from anyone and he is capable of doubting his own name. He is the one who once told me, "if you didn' see it on your own eyes you can't believe it, you can't even believe that there exists an oxygen"..when he uses an argument like this I usually stay pretty mindf*cked, like wtf? He always wants to be the one who is original, different than the others and he extremly wants to have the most original and unseen ideas. If I'd tell him he's ordinary and like everyone else, I am sure I'd brake his ego the cruelest way. Actually even though he acts like a poker face who don't care about anything too much I see him as pretty emotional about criticism and he is very sensitive, when someone trys to doubt his ideas and his view on how things work, he can become very offensive. I think his problem is, he tend to be very judgemental and sometimes I feel like he has some lack of empathy with others. But with his family, friends or close people, he can be actually very nice, even nicer than me and I am an ENFP!

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    i'd say ENTP based on originality, innovation, interest in technology and fantasy geeky stuff as you put it. Everything pretty much fits ENTP.

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    The focus on dynamic interaction and sci-fi nerdishness sounds a lot like ENTx (the extreme forcefulness would make me think ENTJ>ENTP). I have read that ENTJs can often be mistaken for ESTPs, but the opposite phenomenon is much less common.

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    I really like cats and food.

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    Another vote for ENTP.

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