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    Default What could she be?

    I'm really curious what type my Ex could be, and if we had issues because of our types. I'm supposedly a INFP, although I'm not 100% sure because I can be extroverted sometimes, and sometimes not...
    Now about her character traits (trying to be objective here ):

    -outgoing, but only in certain circumstances (as in she was really shy to my family or in her class, but she is very outgoing to people on the internet for example)

    -if she can, she wants to be center of attention

    -seems to be self-confident, but states she isn't really (what is kinda true as I recognized...)

    -troubled past, and hides it away.. In my oppinion she still isn't over it what happened when she was young, and she really hates talking about it (its a miracle she told me what happened...) also I think some of her actions may be based on what happened back then... (not gonna tell you guys here of course, sorry :c)

    -in general she keeps all problems of what so kind to herself but she treats you differently, she just doesn't let you know the reason why

    -somehwhat self-centered

    -unable to discuss maturely (will feel offended easily und avoid mature discussion)

    -lazy (sorry but its true..)

    -also she is not responsible... And that from an objective point of view. For example she never did her Homework and stuff, and started learning like one day fore class. Not that I do that too sometimes, but with her it was more hopless...

    -likes money (like really, have never seen a greedier person before. o.O)

    -hates emotional outbursts.
    Mostly an Issue I had with her, because I tend to act emotionally engaged alot.. Not as in too much, I hope, but my emotions are important to me... Also I like emotional stuff like dramas and so on, she does not.

    Edit -I forgot like the most important trait of her: She loves to pretend to be someone else. Not in a healthy way though in my oppinion. For example when she was into some certain anime that involved france she would try to speak french accent and tried to act like the main character from there (not to pose, but I kind of can analyze other people's behaviours and characters very well and I can "sense" when they change them...), then out of a sudden she gets into a new anime and she tries to be more like her new favourite character, like acting british and stuff, buying GB merchandise and so on. I found that really annoying. I used to be A LITTLE like this, when I was younger, but I stoppend. I still like to roleplay sometimes, but I don't let characters take over my life.

    Hmm... That's all I can think of right now!!
    Would be really interested in your oppinions!

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    I think that, for an accurate typing, you'd need to give us a bit more information, especially on some of her mental qualities. All in all, I'll take a wild guess and say that she seems like an immature, possibly unhealthy, ENTP.

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    Definitely an xNTP, I would say. But, I agree with Grizzly On The Loose. I feel like I can't decipher her E/I for the same reason he mentioned.

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