In MBTI and archetype terms, the demon(or shadow) appears as the very last function. The last 4 functions, including this demon function, often lays within our unconscious. They often lay out in ticks and cracks and may even be evident to others where the person him/herself can't see. In some cases, we meet our shadow/demon in our dreams. For many it often comes as something as a nightmare. This shadow/demon appears in our dreams to be the same gender as ourselves. And often times, the shadow can be interpreted as evil.

Why am I tracking my demon? I was thinking I could find my real ego self, and thus, maybe my type. I once had a nightmare where I was walking along my old neighborhood. Within moments within the dream, as I got closer to my old home, the scenery began getting dark like night time. Before I even got to the door to the house, I see a cloaked figure. The only thing you can see from this cloaked figure is his face and the dagger on his right hand. He was sort of smiling in a malevolent way. By that time, my ego self turned to use the key to open the door. One problem, I couldn't insert the key. When I found how useless it was, I turned around to the shadow figure to let out a loud roar as the dagger was about to get impaled in me.

One thing that I can easily see was that there ended up being a confrontation and power struggle with my demon. I was not aggressive until I felt cornered. At that point, there was no flight, there was only fight whether I was going to get stabbed or not. It was like I intended to survive and beat my shadow.

Now, the question, what is my demon function?