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Thread: Frustrated ESTP

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    Quote Originally Posted by arghh View Post
    Early in my career I was a data analyst who helped clients in crisis situations, I was a junior staff who was in love with what he did. As I progressed further in my career, the role developed into being a team leader and eventual project/program manager. In what seems like the blink of an eye, I became an IT Director leading a team of 20 individuals, making good money. BUT I have realized I am miserable doing what I do today. WHY? Because the thrill of the crisis and challenge is not there, I now have to manage teams, develop strategic plans and budget/forecast constantly... I guess could have stayed as a data analyst making 1/4 of what I do now...

    I am sure I am not the only ESTP who has experienced the pain of sitting behind a desk from 8-6.. And I know that it is slowly killing me... But I am stuck and frustrated as I have no idea how I can find something that fits my personality and passions. Looking up careers for ESTP's gives me options such as stockbroker / emt / etc but in reality, as I am in my late 30's, starting from scratch is out of the question as I could not suffer the pay cut as I am the breadwinner in my family.

    I am sure I am not alone, and I just needed to see if anyone else was in this same rut and managed a way out.

    btw, I love this line I saw in a post in this forums for SP

    That's why we are artisans not artists, acquaintances not friends, jack of all trades not masters of one, one-line comics not novelists.

    So so so true, but what can we do with that...
    I can relate so much to that its not funny...I dont like others knowing what I know because then I get pulled in certain directions and things can end up as work instead of fun.

    I miss my previous job where I was title project support. I basically created one-off programs for all these different groups within the company. They were mostly tracking/flow management software customized to handle the needs of that area. Very fast paced which made it a very agile style of rolling out upgrades to functionality the second they were finished.
    Im out, its been fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by sLiPpY View Post
    ok, what is it with SP's and three... ?

    Do other types do that as much in writing? "..."
    No, I'm notorious for that ... it must be a P thing.

    To the OP, you gotta get outta there. Sitting will kill you!

    You sitting down? Experts say it’ll kill you - Health - Fitness -

    And until then, get a treadmill desk. All the fatties in the world have yielded such amazing inventions!

    Trust me, I sympathize. I majored in ACCOUNTING for P's sake. It's like the Unforgiveable Sin that will banish me to Chair Hell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    ... Dentist.
    WTF!? Seriously?

    Wait, the draw isn't the fact that it has the highest suicide rate, is it?

    Being an entrepreneur I can understand, particularly since there seemed to be a sort of boom in the tech industry. Pitching angel investors is so ESTPland.
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    I thought Psychologists had the highest suicide rate.

    Dentists are HAPPY


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