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    i'm isfj....currently seeing estp. she's fun and i feel like shes into me and i really like her.... but i don't like it when she plays games with my head that is just annoying

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    Quote Originally Posted by ehastin1 View Post
    i'm isfj....currently seeing estp. she's fun and i feel like shes into me and i really like her.... but i don't like it when she plays games with my head that is just annoying
    Ew, if she's constantly screwing with peoples heads that's not a good sign. Although I must admit, it took a little while for me to completely relax around my ISFJ because I had difficulty believing that someone could be so unassumingly honest. But I never played mind games with him.

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    You ESTP's are the best. We may gripe a little bit when you pick at us (in that lovingly wicked way you do) but we secretly do like that you test us and push us out of our shells

    "The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it."
    ― Woodrow Wilson

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    Giggly! You'll still always be my ISFJ-runner-up! You amazing girl, you.

    But seriously you've helped me understand her so much. Thaaaaaaanks, dear

    Quote Originally Posted by lookingglassworld View Post
    Well,believe me,it's definitely NOT easy by any stretch of the imagination!! We're both pretty strong minded so the fights are way epic!! It usually involves him wanting to control me over something(stupid in my opinion!) or me trying to hold on to my freedom to decide something for myself!! Well,anyway,I am majorally happy for you,it rocks!!! Keep us posted!!
    Hm, yesss, seems like an element of expressiveness (E) coming out in him. My ISFJ doesn't try to control at all, she's very submissive. haha. But she does have personal standards that she doesn't like to budge on. And amazingly enough, she's able to resist my intense seduction. She says it's hard and she doesn't know how she does it. I must say I'm at a loss, as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pettycure View Post
    On the first date with my ISFJ, I ended up blurting out things to him that I had never told another living soul. NO ONE. And I barely knew the guy! It was like his mere presence made me so unconsciously open that I just went all BLEH about all this vulnerable embarrassing stuff! The moment the words vomitted forth from my mouth and I realized what I had done I was HORRIFIED. He just gave me a hug and said it was okay and that he wanted to see me again the next morning for breakfast. This was at 2am. Date number 2 was about 6 hours later, haha. We kinda didn't have enough patience to wait for lunch.
    oh, you have no idea... hahaha, what's funny is that we ESTPs, as expressive as we are, have all KINDS of secrets we're hiding up our sleeves and certain things we would never tell another living soul. And we're really good at keeping them all secret, which is part of the whole slick and polished instigator package.

    But give us a super affectionate, loving and trustworthy ISFJ and we'll be telling our life stories in two seconds flat. And we're not even drunk! :yim_rolling_on_the_ I feel so at home with her, and like she would never have even the slightest inclination to judge me. I tend to size people up right away, not that I make final judgments because I'm always learning, but I figure them out pretty fast.

    I used to think she judged me a little bit back when I didn't know her very well (and most of our interactions have been online, so I didn't get to observe her facial expressions as she talked, which confused me a little, especially with her simple and unrefined way of talking) and I'd interpret her comments as sarcastic or manipulative, when really that was just me projecting myself on her. Whoops!

    Not that I'm super manipulative or anything but I definitely have the ability to be. Can come in handy sometimes, y'know.
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    I'm interested in ISFJ and ISTP pairing. Does anyone know these two couple pairing? My parents are one. It strikes me as the usual SJ and SP pairing in which SP plays the role of the young kid and SJ is the boss and older adult.

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