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My only response is usually "Where did you hear that?" or "Do you have proof?" ...unless I know right away that they must be right, in which case I say "...Huh." But that's how we do things, I guess.

Oh, okay! I had actually meant that the ISTJs I've met seemed much harder to convince than ESTJs - kind of along the lines of ISFJs (who I can never convince of anything, ever) - but your bolded statement says otherwise. Whoops!

1- Yeah that's how they do as well...as if their way is bulletproof. While it's annoying I see it for what it is- no offense taken.

2- I think any stick in the mud SJ can be hard to convince. ISxJs are probaly to say less and that's why you don't know if it's sinking or not. My ISFJ friend is like that. He knows everything, even when I shoot holes in his logic; he'll hold on to it. Sometimes later he will tell me he heard me and has accepted my input.