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    I tend to think feelers place people first and thinkers place facts and data first. Although thinkers have to take feelings into account at times also. I mean they are human afterall; on the other hand, I can't see a feeler type going around with out thinking. Could you imagine how many doors we would hit into both literally and figuratively speaking? lol

    On a side note I think feelers of almost any type might be a bit easier to deal with as they gauge what they do or say according to other humans involved in the interaction. Thinkers do this also, but they can be more blunt about it, if they really don't care or wish to use their thinking type as a crutch for not being more tactful about it. Either way I think we all tend to use one or the other to various degrees. It might just depend on the objective desired.
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    I prefer blunt, so much time spent wondering where I stand it's nice to know what's going on. I also found that with F girls I never seemed to express enough or too much would be expected of me. The one T girl I dated gave enough of the emotion and gave me a chance to mope before helping me solve the problem. I guess I want a partner in crime, not extra baggage which is hard to find in the 20 - 28 range of Fs where I'm at right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EJCC View Post
    The ISTJ girl that I know (my cousin) doesn't fake Fe at all.
    Between here and the one ISFJ I know irl, here are some of the differences I notice:

    1. The ISTJ I know is pretty stoic usually (her two extremes are "Relatively Cheery" and "Sulking"), which the ISFJ is pretty moody (her two extremes are "ROTFL" and "Completely Emo").
    2. The ISTJ's humor is pretty dark - more so than the ISFJ's.
    3. The ISTJ isn't as likely to care what people think of her. I get the impression from the ISFJ that she'd do almost anything for the acceptance of her peers.
    4. The ISTJ is very, very blunt. Not as much with the ISFJ, unless it's a sensitive topic.
    I agree with this.

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