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    Quote Originally Posted by Hmm View Post
    It would be silly to assume that all (good) parents are SJ.
    Yes, that's true. But "parental" behavior, as most people see it, has a lot in common with typical SJ behavior. Because these behaviors may blend together, I thought people might mistake parents for SJs more often than they actually are.

    Now that I've been on this site longer, I've seen a pretty proportionate spread of people talking about their SJ parents and non-SJ parents (meaning it fits more closely with SJ population percentage in the real world), so maybe I was little bit off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raz View Post

    My father focuses on teaching me to do things right. My mother focuses on teaching me to do the right things.
    This was a neat way to say it!

    I can see the assumption, though, Cimarron. I thought both my parents were STJs until I started to learn more about type and spent a little time on this forum.
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