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    Quote Originally Posted by Sung Jin-Woo View Post
    I wouldn't say its entirely visual, but rather multi-dimensional understanding. It is hard to explain. Its like understanding the infinity of pi, while visualizing it as a whole. Its just hard to focus on the finer details of the visualuzation. I don't know if its subconscious or not. I just understand, without being aware of the details of the calculation.
    Yeah! Multidimensional is a great way to say it. It's like you check inside of your mind and see that it all looks legit and leave very satisfied. You didn't see anything but you know it's all good.
    About a year ago I woke up and told my wife I now understand the neural network and explained everything before I forgot. I know I didn't explain everything cause not even I know what I know sometimes. But that's why I use Google keep and write everything down.

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    It is not easy to realize that we think by picture or by words.

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