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    Quote Originally Posted by INTPness View Post
    a.k.a., "Hey baby, wanna be my sugar cube?"
    I laughed. Well, kindness isn't something I have to offer in abundance, but support is.

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    Since you extended the question to intps, i'm gonna share my views.
    I think kindness in general is a very good thing. It's admirable to watch people who do things expecting nothing in return.
    In excess this could be a bad thing tough. Never had this issue, but I'd probably feel i was taking advantage of the person. Relationships are supposed to be balanced, and a big imbalance on the take/give is unsustainable.
    I once had a really intelligent colleague, straight A type, most likely INFP, that seemed so kind that i imagined if i was in relationship with her I'd probably feel bad about myself for being too selfish, in comparison.

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    Yes.. it moves me.. greatly.. doesn`t matter if its a good hug or just understanding. I want to return the favour... somehow.. usually i just go polite, give them respect and become gentle/soft..

    Something like that.
    Epic derailment:
    wierd memory work->Tamagochi->tetris->Starcraft2->thugs->Chess->german techno->Love parade->disaster->death..

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