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    I drink socially, and before exams (it's usually just one drink, but my nerves need calmed down for an exam or else I do really bad and just sit there nervously).

    I change every time I get drunk, it's usually dependent on how I feel beforehand.
    I might get really giddy, I might get really depressed, I might get really flirty, who knows. I know that I know my limit, though.

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    A lot of disdain here for the "shitfaced" type of drunk, and to an extent I agree (there are times when it can be cathartic, you should try things before you judge), but there is a lot to be enjoyed about a happy medium of a couple glasses of wine with an old friend or a few pints in a pub with your co-workers. Not shitfaced, just loose. Slightly happy. Comfortable, and less obstructively self-aware.
    I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.
    - Umberto Eco

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    I don't see any problem with a little of social drinking either. Or more of it, why not?

    I always enjoy going with some people I like to a nice pub for several beers and even though it can get pretty tiring at the moment (especially in larger groups with a lot of sensors), it usually energizes me for a week or so until next time and I guess it just keeps me going in a way. I find it pretty depressing to spend an uneventful weekend without it. It's just fun, even if I'm often just an observer and a commentator. I'm not partying until passing out like in high school anymore, it's more about meeting with people.

    I was never into other drugs (well, except nicotine and caffeine). Some occasional weed can be relaxing (like in summer in the nature, that's just perfect) and I'd like to try some mushrooms when there will some suitable time and place, but otherwise, I'm sticking with beer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    It's fun.
    Have you tried any other recreational drugs?

    If you have and still have that opinion then fair enough I guess, to each there own

    FYI I've had plenty of fun times drinking but its pot luck

    It's a fine line, I have to get very very drunk to enjoy alcohol and by that point I'm on thin ice... I'll either stay drunk and merry and have a blast or black out

    It seems like the longer you drink the more likely it is you will have large amounts of time where you are still doing things but have NO memory of what happened

    The attitude of drinkers confuses me too

    "Oh you don't remember?! must of been a fucking good night then!"

    Uhh no

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    Quote Originally Posted by eagleseven View Post
    What type of NT are you, and how does alcohol affect you? I'm an INTJ, and when drunk, I become one with the universe, rather than conquering it.
    When I drink strong stuff (shots, cocktails etc.) the ENTJ in me awakens. When I drink beer or wine, I become an ENFJ. In both situations, the women are very surprised because they would never have expected these traits in me. Sexy time!

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