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    1) There isn't anything supernatural. There may be spirits, gods and whatever but they are natural and obey the laws of nature like everything else.

    2) By definition, actually. The laws of nature are made up in a way that they describe reality. If there are things observed in reality that clash with the laws of nature, we've got to make up better laws of nature. Until now, I haven't observed anything that clashes with energy conservation and entropy rising.
    I don't believe in spirits if they are defined as beings that evade the laws of nature. That's just underestimating our power of understanding nature. If there are spirits observed, I'm sure we can make up laws of nature that describe spirits as well as matter.
    Moreover, why do people think matter is boring and we've got to invent spirits to spice up our lives? You haven't observed a drop of water, have you?!? Matter is cool, people!

    3) NeTamske is already inventing a story about spirits consisting out of energy
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    I used to have a rather long, intricate, and detailed theory which covered alot of things, from ghosts, souls, to some other interesting stuff.

    If I can remember half of it, I'll post it later for yeu tamske XD

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