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    Thank you all. I really value the advice and opinions of yours. Some of them have helped me choose a strategy to deal with the situation.

    I opted to wait and see and as I guessed my boss offered me a position further away from him. That didn't shock me (for long at least!) but I refused calmly since that was a lesser position. After that I expressed an idea to run my own department that focuses on creative innovation. That worked. So now I'm nearly my own boss, further away from this guy. And I think he truly appreciates my creative abilities now.

    He brought one of his friends to replace my old position so there's one yes man more. But he's bound to try something else since all those nodding heads have made the company profit plunge dramatically.

    So, as many of you wrote, an ESTJ boss really has to stand far away from creative processes. He's more of a manager type, not a leader. And it's important to notice how reluctant he is to debate (ideas) and how keen he is to create a yes atmosphere. The best way to act with him is to give quick answers and make speedy decisions. ESTJ is all about action and showing confidence - even if there's none of that.
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