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    I think you fit in quite well. I happen to enjoy a plenty of your posts, and I learn something new frequently from you. Not to mention you and BMS have an uncanny relation to each other. I don't necessarily feel as assimilated into here as, say, CC would, but if you're asking me.. I feel you belong here just as much as I do.
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    Hey Peguy! Nice to see ya!

    I just wanted to say that I don't see you as being too intellectual. I often wish there were more intellectual discussions. That is partly why I stopped posting on typology forums as much because there are some way more intellectual forums out there. On the other hand, I don't like extreme intellectual forums where its filled almost entirely with NTs. I do like the balance of this place even though I haven't taken the time to really fit in here fully. I've lately been feeling like I don't fully fit in anywhere in that I haven't found a single forum that satisfies all sides of myself, but that is life.

    I love intellectual discussions, but they can be hard to get going in a forum where many people are more interested in socializing... which I suspect is true of most forums. I've learned that I have to first develop relationships with the natives and then they'll be more likely to discuss intellectual things with me. Many people need to connect first on the emotional and social level. If someone knows you and likes you, they're more likely to put the effort into a deep consideration of your point of view.

    However, if you really like deep discussions without all the fluff, then I'd recommend joining a more intellectual forum. There are plenty of forums filled with intellectual types constantly discussing deep thoughts about religion and philosophy. Of forums I've joined, I've found atheist forums have the most serious intellectual discussions. is nice and IIDB used to be. There are some Christians even on atheist forums, and I've found that Christians if they present their beliefs rationally get a fair hearing. There are certain more spiritual forums that have a more intellectual bent such as the many Integral groups out there. However, if you like Jungian typology forums, then the most intellectual one of them I've found is the Kaleidoscope forum.

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    Yes I do post on more intellectual forums as well. One in particular I'm one of only two NFs there, the rest are NTs!

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