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    Default ENFPs and being alone.

    No, I don't mean in the emotional or metaphorical sense, like being lonely or feeling "alone." I mean literally and physically being alone.

    To all you ENFPs, what are you like when you're left absolutely alone for long stretches of time? Not just short bursts of solitude (we all need these, and many of us thrive during them!).... I'm talking for extended periods of time without human interaction.

    As for me, I shut down and turn into a lazy couch potato crap version of myself. None of my usual sparkle or drive is there. I have less boundaries, willpower, creativity, zest and me-ness. I've done some thinking, though, and I have a theory as to why. I'm an extreme extrovert, and I think why I turn into a shell of myself when alone is not because I am codependent or because I 'need' people to complete who I am or anything. It's simply because, since I am so externally focused, I feel like my time and energy wouldn't be well-spent being the fullest version of myself, by myself. I'd rather 'save' my good qualities for when I'm in my prime environment: with people.

    To better explain what I mean.... CAR ANALOGY!

    Okay, so picture sitting in a cherry red Camaro with a full tank of gas. Obviously, this beautiful automobile's prime environment is on the open highway. So I'm not going waste all my time and gas idling in the driveway. I'll wait til I have the opportunity to put the pedal to the metal and take full advantage of the car's potential on the road! Make sense?


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    when I'm alone, my first thought is "finally!"
    depending on my mood I might
    - listen to music
    - dance
    - watch a movie
    - watch a documentary
    - play pokemon
    - write down a crazy idea that's been eating away at me
    - study business
    - sing
    - chill on Type C
    - daydream
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