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    Intresting thread and very informative. I've definitely had the experience of getting a feeling or a hit about a situation that didn't seem quite right. Later when it was confirmed, I was able to say why such and such made me think it felt off, but at the time, it was just a strong feeling. I wasn't surprised when things turned out the way they did, but I would have been surprised if I'd been wrong.

    Sometimes I get a strong feeling of unease about how something will turn out based on how someone has behaved in the past, but I go ahead with our plans anyway. Then I'm vindicated (but it's an empty vindication) when things go badly. Listening to that feeling is one of the things I'm trying to do more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nadir View Post

    wedekit: My turn... and yes, that's how it usually "works" with me as well, though I suppose it looks more impressive in written word than reality (That's why we're here, I guess).
    So true. Much more impressive in words.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nadir View Post
    (Everyone is welcome to reply -- however I felt that this topic mostly pertains to NFs, so the Idyllic is my subsection of preference where the placement of this topic is concerned)

    Here's a question I asked an INFJ friend on MSN recently:

    "Is accurately predicting something the same thing as not being surprised when that something comes to pass?"

    To which he replied: "Yes and no. There's conscious and subconscious prediction, with the latter category including the infamous line "I knew he was going to do that."

    This view is something that I share.
    Basically, there are the following two categories:

    a. Conscious, active prediction, let's say... "prophecy":
    "This is what he's going to do."

    Leads to "being proven right" or the opposite in the case of being inaccurate.
    In conscious control of the doer, more externally expressed than internally, "explosive". Can bring about motion.

    b. Unconscious, passive prediction, "hunch".
    "I knew he was going to do that,"
    or "I'm not surprised that he did that."
    Leads to non-surprise, perceived as affirmation. Or, again, possibly the opposite.
    Not noticable by the doer (unconscious), more internally expressed than externally, "calmly builds up". Doesn't really induce motion.

    In both cases, insight into the opposing side's perceived thought processes play a large role.

    Anyway, my personal feeling is that I do the "unconscious" type of prediction more, though not exclusively so. I find that "conscious" prediction is notably shrouded in mist and as such it's not very prominent most of the time. It also seems that the two assist each other -- usage of one eventually helps the other become clearer in the mind's eye, and so the "doer" also gains confidence regarding the usage of both faculties.
    If there's one thing common to both though, it's that they are slow to manifest!

    I hope this post made sense. I'm truly not sure.
    I am looking forward to reading your replies and learning about your perspectives.
    In answer to your question, they're not the same thing, but it could be the same information. The only difference is if I say something out loud or not.

    Yesterday, I was watching Deal or No Deal, and the person was doing really great she was hitting a lot of small numbers, and just in that instant when they showed case #26 after she called it, I got a bad feeling about case number 26. I don't know if I would have dared say, "That has the $1,000,000 in it" but it felt bad.

    A lot of times this happens to me, and I don't say anything, and then I was right. Sometimes I am wrong.

    Last night I said out loud, "Oh I have a bad feeling about 26" and it was opened to reveal the $1,000,000. My 14 year old son was impressed, to say the least.

    If I had not said it out loud that I had a bad feeling about case number 26, then when they opened it and they showed the $1,000,000, I would have said, I'm not surprised that happened. Then it would be up to the people around me whether or not to believe me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wedekit View Post
    All it takes is for one mis-prediction and people start doubting your abilities. So I usually make none. The only times I can remember making a conscious prediction is when people ask my opinion on someone they like or something like that. I'm usually dead on too.
    Bang on! One mistake and people will say you're just making random guesses. Especially when you can't produce "evidence" in support for your hunches. Actually I've gotten so paranoid that half the time I don't even believe in my own predictions. That's rather sad. I'm trying to change it though.

    The unconscious ones are tricky now that I think about it. It usually comes to me as a random thought that I never really think over, and then it happens and I suddenly remember that I called it. Maybe conscious prophecies are just refined unconscious ones.
    That's also my take regarding to conscious and unconscious predictions, that what's conscious is just becoming aware of something you've unconsciously know. As you spend time thinking about it, the idea becomes better defined and you come up with a more integrated theory behind why things will occur. But sometimes the not being surprised by something is like working backwards. I'm not sure you actually had to know it beforehand unconsciously. It could be after the fact thinking that a person's behavior fits with what you know about him or her. Therefore you're not surprised, but not necessarily because it crossed your mind prior to it happening.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nadir View Post
    Jennifer: You put it well... even though I can't say I am that much of an adept, yet. And welcome to the not-never-100%-sure club!
    I wish there's such a thing too... *sigh* Oh well... that's life.

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