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Nah, I think the same thing about "Ti" and that's buried so deep in my brain, I think it would take 9 exorcisms to bring it out. If I'm supposed to "develop" it, then it will happen, though. I ain't gonna lose any sleep over it one way or another.
I've pushed myself to get involved my entire life (unconsciously/ consciously). I still don't get in the moment and just live.

I am however probably better at some sensor like activities than sensors I know. Go figure. That's why I was the same type as you at one point. I can get good at certain "things", but never at Se. In my case, I feel like I'm deliberating a lot within my mind from moment-to-moment, when it comes to sports, a little socializing, etc. (whatever). It would seem to me that there is a more general direction to my actions between how sensors do it though.

If I were to take choices from the cognitiveprocesses test, it seems like SP's do this as a first choice.

Enjoy the thrill of action and physical experience in the present moment.

When it's quite nonexistent for me.

What I do is:

Ni:Transform yourself by focusing inward on a specific way you foresee you will need to be.

Depending on how far I'm getting, it's kind of boring too. I'm rarely satisfied in the moment for it's own sake. I don't think I can be. I need to get something out of it. I think it's a reason why NTJs and NFJs keep up with you guys though. They can still envision ways to be "sensor like", for a certain ends. I'm not sure how Ne does it.. I'm not sure if I'm INFP like I thought, because they tend to go for breadth and feel stimulated by the moment if it allows them to expand on new trains of thought. It's more open ended than either Si/Ni/Se.. but seems less inclined to make a choice (I'll have to think about where I fall there. I like floating off if I'm allowed to).

Ne:Weave into the current dynamics of a situation aspects of other, random contexts.

Sorry for the long post.. It's not necessarily directed towards you. I think it's impossible though for some people to ever truly be "Se" (or anything else they're not, for that matter).