I'm interested in how we can all balance ourselves out for each of the traits - not to change who we are but to better understand other people, not drive others crazy and also enjoy the best of both worlds.

Rank opposite traits in order of most to least conflict with your type and say why you find it creates problems between you and another person.

Also, do you think it's each trait itself, or the combination of two or more of them together?


S - creates most tension because I need to have something in common that matters to both parties to talk about. Kind of like we speak two extremely different dialects of the same language. Sometimes it sounds like the same phrase, but then you discover it has a totally different meaning.

T - bluntness can sometimes be a problem. Also hard to figure out what's going on internally, especially in the cases where they don't pay much attention to it themselves. I pick, and they don't like it. Don't like feeling like I'm causing a lot of (perceived) unnecessary work. Worthy pursuit though in other ways, and I need more of this in my life.

P - sometimes seems fickle to me. I might take their lack of keeping in touch as rejection. I don't like being very late or having people put things off too long. Maybe the communication aspect might be harder - I like people saying things more explicitly.

E - don't mind this much at all. It kind of draws me out. Sometimes I interpret the ideas being thunk out loud as a proposed course of action though. Just as I get my head around it, they do a u turn and I realize they were just investigating possibilities externally instead of internally. They might find me a little duller though.