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    I'm majoring in Fine & Performing Arts - musical theatre concentration.
    Let's just say it's my passion in life, my driving force, et cetera, and leave it at that.

    I'm considering a dual major, however, either in some avenue of professional writing [like, 'boring' editing-type careers.. I'm naturally a bit of a word mechanic. I love to toy with language.], or in psychology. I live to learn, and connect, and that's a field I'm not sure I'd ever tire of.

    Who knows.. perhaps I could do it all.

    Oh.. and I want to see the world. As much as possible. I never want to live in one place forever and say, well, that's it. This is it.

    Idealists are silly like that, huh. :rolli:
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    Quote Originally Posted by aphrodite-gone-awry View Post
    you seem pretty insightful. have you thought of working one-on-one with people, in a counselor type setting?
    thank you, that's a nice thing to say.

    i feel a little too 5ish to be one-on-one as a counselor. i am very attracted/attached to specific cultural discourses and cleaning them up, kind of like the philosopher ludwig wittgenstein. i feel as if i want to harmonize different cultural spaces/discourses with the people that are shaped by them, improve the tools to understand the self at their disposal. i could also see myself doing some sort of production, like music production, and helping hone the articulation and focus it in an arranger style sense (damned left-brainedness! always trying to see and control the "whole!"). i think i would like to write, but i am still trying to discern the right level of scale and zoom out/in until i find where my first major entry point will be in a socially pertinent but still individually meaningful (short and long-term) way. i'm also really hungry for more creative people in my life, just like a constant flood of social creativity, to catalyze me and push me a bit, stretch and knead me, make me spin, etc. connecting via university setting seems to continue to be relevant to me, so... more of that!

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