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    Quote Originally Posted by Cronkle View Post
    Maybe a health food supermarket, people who devote time to spiritual growth also enjoy physical and mental health.
    Quote Originally Posted by sanveane View Post
    Yes, frequent health food stores and 'organic'/vegetarian/vegan restaurants. You're bound to meet one there.
    Quote Originally Posted by tibby View Post
    To die would be an awfully big adventure - Peter Pan

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    I probably look more SJ when I shop, to tell the truth. I'm spacy and a little on the unsure side, but to make up for it I like to look like I'm the Commander of the Groceries. I am everywhere I need to be right when I need to be there, and I am confident and capable!
    Of course, that's more of an outfit I put on to make people think I know what I'm there for Really, I easily forget things, and I'll almost always have a list if I have a reason for going. I'll check it fairly frequently, and I'll try to be efficient by picking a route to follow to minimize time and distance, but usually I end up trailing off that and doubling back and taking detours.

    But I do examine labels; whatever is cheapest and healthiest and best for the environment is what goes in my cart. It's not a matter of simple brand names; it's a rigorous testing every trip.

    If I'm with friends, we're the ones looking like idiots and having way too much fun.

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