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Thread: SLE vs ILE

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    Question SLE vs ILE

    All right, so I’m wondering how I tell if I’m SLE or ILE. I’m confident that I’m xLE, and I’ve thought ILE, but I don’t know. Maybe I am SLE. Seeing as both use Ne, Se, Ti, and Fi, and both have subconscious Fe, Te, Si, and Ni, the differencs between the types can be somewhat nuanced. Can anyone help to explain the differences?


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    Se is about impact, not potential -- it's a lot more present-oriented. Both Se and Ne are static, but for different reasons: Ne is what you'd call static because it is like eliminating time from the picture completely, instead seeing all the angles at once. Se is static because it's about zeroing in away from past/future and in on a single point of time -- what impacts that situation/moves it forward.

    This is really the big difference. Both have creative Ti, both have Fi-polr.

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    In a nutshell...Se/Ti cuts through the BS. Ne/Ti is clever like a fox.
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