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    Default Socionics quadra descriptions

    I just really liked these so I wanted to share them:





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    4w5-9w1-6w5 sx/so
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    Quadra values is a concept completely debunked/demolished by Stackemup Typology (Socionics Side)...I call it the quadra values mythology.

    The Quadra values mythology came out of a one typology closed universe mindset which resulted in a blindspot to enneagram triads. Alpha was conflated to the 2-7-9 Positive Reframer Triad, Beta was conflated to the 4-6-8 Reactive Triad, Delta was conflated to the 1-2-6 compliant triad and Gamma was conflated to the 1-3-5 Competency Triad. Reactive triaders ended up getting pigeonholed as Betas (or sometimes Delta) if they showed up to a socionics forum….Positive Reframers ended up pigeonholed as Alpha...etc. Now that Stackemup Typology founded logically/structurally/conceptually flawless breakdowns for both enneagram and socionics that can be forged together without resulting in the impossible's obvious that ILEs stand in the Reactive Triad, Competency Types in Beta, Compliant types in Gamma, on and on and on. The quadra values mythology looks good on paper but doesn't work in reality.
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    The word "flawless" is rapidly losing its meaning.
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