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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    - "other things"


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    Adobe Illustrator needs a fill tool. Who designs art programs without a decent fill tool? O_o
    Plus the gradient mesh tool sucks.

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    Does anyone have any new thoughts?

    Computers will of course become more powerful, leading to new applications that were previously beyond the limit of practical computation. But I still see agree with Wildcat - the major developments in computing that we are yet to see are those to do with interfaces. The fact is that our current methods of interfacing with computational technology is still rather primitive.

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    Here are a few things that additional computing power could do (with some additional hardware) and would be nice:
    • Assisted reality: have glasses (or some other means) that overlay additional information. Highlight my driving route, show me the online price and reviews of things in stores, remind me of people's names, tell me if I'm dominating the conversation, boring others, etc.
    • Drive my car - take the tedium out of driving so I can watch a movie or read. Have my rental car (or ZipCar) come to me, and then return itself when done. Make car sharing far more practical and convenient.
    • Coordinate various devices in my life (would require additional electronics in various devices). Notice when groceries are low and add them to my shopping list (or order them to be delivered). Automatically notice patterns and adjust the environment (like the thermostat or lighting) accordingly. Notify me when appliances are acting erratically and about to fail. Warn me if my energy usage spikes (did i leave a window open and I'm AC-ing the neighborhood?), or the water runs at an odd time of day (hot water heater leaking?). Warn me about my cash flow or changes in spending habits.
    • Assist with notification about home maintenance. Notice when the caulking needs to be redone, paint is peeling, water is leaking, etc. Could be integrated with a general contracting service that could offer estimates or find bids to fix issues before they become critical.

    Clearly I'm a lazy INFP with lots of ideas for ways to be even lazier.

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