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    Default Help with blood type?

    I am very confused. I just looked at the card I received when I was born in regards to my blood type. On the line that reads "Blood Type:" it says "O negative"... but on the line that says "Rh:" it says "Positive"... how is this possible?? I really don't understand... does it mean I am O negative and carry the Rh gene? My mom is O positive and but I don't know if my dad is O + or

    Does anyone know how this works?

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    I'm pretty sure that negative blood type should be rh negative. Someone made a mistake on your card.

    I have the shot (or two) from every pregnancy to prove my rh negative.

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    I agree with Elaur. she has a knife Someone made a mistake.

    Rh factor is reported as the phenotype: what is actually expressed in your blood.

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    Maybe the line asking for Rh type was indicating your Mother's type. Had the situation been reversed, the co-mingling of your blood with your mothers during birth and placenta breach, would cause your mother's body to produce anti-bodies against Rh... which would cause her body to see any further Rh+ fetus as an invader.

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