Bones doesn't seem like an intuitive to me. Constantly relying on the empirical evidence. Refusing to jump to conclusions or make intuitive leaps. A lack of Fe and the use of Fi rules out INTP. Her exact nature is almost Vulcan in characteristic. Her resistance to anything spiritual, theoretical, and her attention to detail makes me lean toward Sensor. ISTJ- Stick to the facts approach.

Zack- I see as a clear cut INTP.

Hodgins- The first thing that comes across is that "twinkle". He's more extroverted than a lot of the others. I'd say E. He's the "conspiracy theorist" so that points to N. He seems rather feeler to me. He doesn't resist showing his emotions and even though he's the heir to one of the most wealthy corporations he's chosen a job as a scientist, Why? J or P... I'd say P. He has a dichotomy going. His serious side, which is mostly hidden and his lighthearted side. Possible combination? ENFP, ENTP or INFJ. There's a lot more to Hodgins than what's on the surface. He's one of the more complex characters.

And definitely the cutest out of the bunch. I'm admittedly biased.