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    Has anyone who's seen this unique rock opera typed the characters?

    Shilo: She's a 17-year-old girl who's been locked in her room her entire life by her overprotective father, so whatever her type, she's going to be rather immature. "Infected" reveals her wish to go outside, and Rotti tempts her with the offer of not only a cure, but a "chance to see the world". She's shy around new people -- I'm thinking specifically of when she meets her idol, Blind Mag, and can only smile at her. Besides that, Shilo seems totally out of her league around Graverobber and his cronies, and Rotti dominates her in almost every scene they share. However, she's also rebellious, as her punk fantasy sequence in "17" reveals. She also has a desire to protect Blind Mag, and fights Nathan as hard as she can when he refuses. The first time she appears onscreen she's got her nose in a book, and in her room we see a piano and an extensive collection of pinned insects. I'm thinking she's an IxFJ.

    Nathan: His major issue is the split between Nathan Wallace, loving if overprotective father, and Repo Man, gleefully sadistic killer. Besides that, his other most obvious trait is his overwhelming, crippling guilt. Guilt over the death of his wife, guilt about his debt to Rotti, guilt for how he's raised Shilo... it's obvious that he loves his daughter but he's not above poisoning her to keep her with him. Marni seemed to be the main relationship in his life, and once she died he locked out the world so it could be just him and Shilo (he didn't even tell Mag that Shilo was alive!). Nathan doesn't display any interest in any sort of relationship, emotional or physical, beyond longing for his dead wife and obsessing over his daughter. When Amber tries to feel him up during the "Who Ordered Pizza?", he barely seems to notice she's there. Definitely an introvert, not sure what else.

    Rotti Largo: Powerful, bitter, manipulative, very much a magnificent bastard. The sort of man who would orchestrate a revenge scheme 17 years in the making, not only to get back at the man who stole his fiancee, but to destroy anyone and everyone involved in that man's life. The only hint we get of any paternal feeling other than disappointment is in "Happiness Is Not a Warm Scalpel" when he tells Amber "I gave you the life I'd wished I'd had". ENFJ?

    Graverobber: The master of his domain, he seems completely at ease in the underworld, and has charisma to burn. He has no problem handling scalpel sluts, spoiled heiresses, or naive teenage girls. Loves being the center of attention. Doesn't seem to plan ahead, as seen in "21st Century Cure". Nor does he seem overly concerned with what a rotten, twisted world he lives in. Intelligent, perceptive, amoral. ESTP?

    Amber Sweet: Insecure, oversexualized Amber is determined to be the opera diva, although she lacks the talent of Blind Mag. Addicted to plastic surgery and illegal pain killers. Hates Mag for no reason other than Mag is in her way. Not sure what her type might be.

    Blind Mag: Quiet Mag seems meek, but displays more backbone than one might first assume, and is very kind and encouraging to Shilo. IxFP.

    Luigi and Pavi: too psychotic to type.
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