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You are describing this "super-consciousness" as some next level that is also something you say that doesent exist, but yet you say that it does exist . Makes no sense.

Anyways, when your brains rot, you lose the ability to experience consciousness or anything else. But what happens before the rotting is according to my beliefs something similar to what tibetan book of the dead(which is based on egyptian book of the dead) says, however i dont think the reincarnation part holds true as they explain it. They pretty much say that you get stuck in your complexes(personal demons) and need to fight through them in order to reincarnate or else you get stuck in the limbo. What i think the christian view of the afterlife is this limbo, but when a person with strong belief of the afterlife with a thought that he will go to heaven, the limbo will act as the "heaven"(as long as the person will judge himself as worthy of heaven, or else he will be stuck in the limbo with his inner demons and image of hell in mind).
Like the buddhists, i dont think that this limbo is a heaven or some place "out there", but its all in your head(they actually try to convince recently passed away people by telling them that they are dead and that what they experience isnt real and tries to convince the person to move on and not get seduced by the fantasies).
What comes to reincarnation, i think its just the atoms in your body being transferred to maggots etc which will be transferred to plants or birds etc and you return to the cycle of life which is where you came from and which you are part of even when you live.
That's an interesting belief. That seems akin to the old tale that when you die, time slows down and you just relive your life through your memories from start to finish over and over until the end of time.

The whole point behind the super-consciousness was to be used as a metaphor for something that can't be described, the transition state. In the other thread, I had people keep telling me that I was indicating that a person's conscious became free of the person's body after death, which I am not. Therefore, I had to personify/humanize the concept of a person's point of view diminishing into nonexistence and then reemerging in existence without people thinking I was referring to consciousness surviving and separating after death. It's essentially a vehicle that shifts our point of view to the next body.

When I was alluding to the super-consciousness's existing and non-existing, I was also referencing my other thread, which is titled "The Hub - an Agnostic/Atheistic Standpoint on Reincarnation" that explained why nonexistence is impossible and a paradox. The super-consciousness doesn't exist in the context that nonexistence doesn't exist, but it does exist in the context that it describes nonexistence's non-existing (I can't believe I actually wrote that sentence). Again, if you haven't read the other thread's existence and nonexistence contradiction, that entire sentence means nothing.