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    Default Hedonism & Alturism.

    There should be a sub forum called 'The mutant offspring of the heart and mind coupling.' Just preaching to the crowd you know.

    Anyway, I was speculating upon certain things while having a moment to myself.

    In the past I've used similar mind scenarios as this one in order to try to understand different approaches and attitudes to life and love and all of that shit, I thought to myself that I'd toss one over here as well, for my own and possibly your pleasure.

    Imagine yourself the individual/god in command of your own destined character. The controller of the God sphere or God dimension if you will.

    If you could, omnipotently distribute your pure hedonistic pleasure, contrary to altruistic efforts contributed to society on a ordinary range of 1-100.
    Simplified, shooting heroin 24/7 and become a plague ridden-lookin' young corpse, compared to dedicating your existence to achieving a PhD in social sciences and toss your two cents into the the waste pool that we call the human condition. Let's instigate some fatalism.

    That is, you have 100 pieces of meat and you have to make a decision to feed two wolves that reside inside of you. How would you go about tossing the flesh out, and more importantly, what would instruct you to act that particular way? (Sadly, your omnipotens is limited to your own lifeline, no hax.)

    In order to separate egoism and what I have referred to as pure hedonism from altruism in this scenario we will move ourselves to the extremes. No 'I'll stuff all the fine slices of life into the throat of the altruistic wolf, because that gives me hedonistic pleasure.'

    Join me or defy me in this game of don't touch the ground. :3

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    It seems the question would imply calculation on my part. Im not that calculating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Typh0n View Post
    It seems the question would imply calculation on my part. Im not that calculating.
    You should have to answer it.

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