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    Default On the reasons why an ISFJ Catholic refers to feces as "concentrated sin"

    Let us pretend you are an NT. Let us also pretend you have complete and "adequate" knowledge of the mechanical underpinnings of biology - micro, genetic, macro, you name it.... you got it. This gives you a PERFECT, mechanical understanding of why, well, let's say.... it let's you understand why a pile of human feces containing SWINE FLU can cause an epidemic, and a very serious one. Micro-organisms overcome the macroorganism, the minute become the rampant and the police(immune system) of the human body has become incapacitated. Micro-organisms are winning over humans and this needs to be understood so we can affect change, if any positive change is to be taken period.

    now, let us take that mind, or even let us take that ENTIRE BRAIN, and put it into a system that was forced to communicate given a forced-selection mechanisms.... much like the forced choice questioner prolifiic in all of your psychology studies out there, that you think are all that great!! That brain knows the relationship between human feces and a possibe epidemic it can cause, but doesn;t know how to describe that in accurate, MECHNICAL (and hence limited in use), scientifc terms.

    Hence, you try to warn to your fellow community members, what you know as the "scientific truth"..... yet put into ISFJ terms: "Play and venture not into that darkness which expounds from thee, but instead bath in the light that God offers you". Or, in NT terms, we could translate the advice into this: "dont play with shit, wash your hands with soap, and get pleanty of sunlight and FRESH, clean food. The infections are rampant and if you don't fucking cleanse, a shitload of people are gonna die from disease."

    To many minds, the idea of decay and "detriment" in general is associated with lack of fortune, "stank", and less than desirious outcomes. This is what Aristotle discovered in a pure form, and why study of "pure divine" nature isn't a scientific endevour now..... it's one of religious history, and Aristotle will be a footnote! But nonetheless, it set out the ESSENTIAL questions, and searches for CAUSES and their forms, and especially to the issue of human forms, why they decay and die: "because of Sin"

    My point on this thread is this: an ISFJ and an INTP biologist observer can both understand the SAME thing , and can pretty much propose a similar mechanical cause for the exacty same Biological process, yet use completely different terminology and grammar to describe the process. Their resulting verbal behavior can not only cause a misunderstaning, but an entire confusion of science altogether!

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    Hello Dr House. Have you been speaking to Wilson again?
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    Catholicism is pretty screwey.
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