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    only MBTI tests can see my deep rooted Ti

    I 73%
    N 100%
    T 55%
    P 73%
    "I never felt oppressed because of my gender. When I'm writing a poem or drawing, I'm not a female; I'm an artist." - Patti Smith

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    I got INFP as usual, but I think I'm actually an oddball/atypical ISFP. I think many people test as more N on the N-S spectrum than they really are.

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    In a meeting, which is more true of you

    I've never been in a meeting, but in my day to day life I usually talk while I think. So I chose talk and think at the same time

    When cooking a new dish...

    I certainly prefer to follow the recipe, or else I'll end up doing something wrong.

    When examining something:

    I certainly think facts speak for themselves, but at the same time I do want to understand how one thing connects to the next. My intuition bias shines through.

    My awareness is naturally focused on:

    Thoughts and theories removed from time and space. No issue in determining that answer.

    When a new situation arises:

    It depends on the situation and who I'm with. I will only engage and share my thoughts around my family, but I'll withdraw if the situation concerns strangers.

    When meeting new people:

    This question does not resonate with me since I do not initiate conversations.

    Which is more true of you?

    I don't see how people opening up to me differs from being reserved. I've had strangers tell me their life stories, all while responding with "oh..okay..huh."

    In resolving conflicts, which approach do you more often find yourself taking?

    I only socialize with family, and in order to make my life easier, I am as peaceful as possible.

    When people disagree on an issue:

    Solving people problems is not the same as solving situational problems. One demands logic with the other needs sentiment. I'll chose give each other space, because open argument will not actually solve anything.

    Which is more true of you?

    I don't have the energy to be organized, and yet I do not like improvising.

    Which is closer to your view:

    Listening to reason. Obviously.

    What goes through your mind when you hear other people brainstorming new ideas?

    Depends on the ideas, really.

    Which is more true of you?

    I certainly prefer objective thoughts over personal viewpoints.

    I am a person who:

    My head is cold and my heart is warm-ish.

    I am more:

    Process-oriented, although the product is always my main focus.

    After a dinner party, others would be more likely to complain that I:

    Didn't talk enough.

    Which is more true of you?

    I think on my own time.

    I enjoy a social gathering more if:

    Trick question. I would never attend a social gathering.

    In school, which kind of teacher frustrated you more?

    I have no idea why any teachers would not let students go above and beyond the assignment. If anything, the kids would earn extra credit.

    Which is more true of you?

    I read between the lines.

    Which is more true of you?

    I suppose I get 'energy' from being alone.

    Which is more true of your interactions with people?

    One on one.

    All things considered:

    I'm factual and pensive, dang it.

    When faced with a novel challenge:

    Depends on the challenge.

    Which is closer to your usual way of approaching a task?

    Depends on the task. I don't have a set way of doing things.

    Which statement do you agree with the most?

    Feelings are irrational and all that jazz.

    At the end of the day, you feel that:

    Rational arguments ftw.

    I more often feel the urge to roll my eyes when others:

    When they don't have their act together, but the anal types also annoy me.

    Which is more true of you?

    Insurance and tax returns don't concern me, and yet I don't care to keep boring stuff in order.

    When looking ahead to something in the future, you feel better if you:


    If someone wants to convince you of something:


    As a leader, are you more likely to be evaluated as:


    Which is more true of you?

    I really don't expect much from people. If they are adaptable or detailed then so be it.

    The world would be a better place if more people:

    I'm not sure if 'heart in the right place' is to be taken in the 'I know your x-mas present sucks, but it's the thought that counts' kind of way, or the 'be kind to others' kind of way. Because most people seem to be the former, and the world isn't that great.

    Which is closer to your natural state of mind?

    I neither plan ahead nor live a laid back lifestyle.

    When others communicate, I more often get distracted when they:

    Do these test designers think thinking is synonymomous with autism? I notice disregarded feelings as well as errors in logic.

    In what kind of workplace do you thrive?

    Where I can concentrate and not feel rushed.

    Which is more true of you?

    These obvious judging vs perceiving questions are too much. On top of things, I suppose.

    Whose genius would you rather have?

    I want to be a writer, although I'd like to have great intellectual knowledge.

    Which more often happens to you?

    I ask a question and they take to long. Although lately it's been the opposite.

    How do you feel about multitasking at work?

    I don't work.

    Which statement describes you better?

    Imaginative and prone to bold guessing.

    I am more concerned with:

    I like to mind the facts and envision possibilities.

    I'd rather have:

    Certain reliable facts.

    I: 73%
    N: 73%
    T: 55%
    J: 64%

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    These kinds of tests are going to remain garbage until they introduce a 'both', 'neither', or genuine third option.

    I: 82 %
    N: 73 %
    T: 91 %
    J: 82 %
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    OK, I've scored S/ISFP before ... but 73% S? Really? That seems way overstating it ...

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    I don't like that site's test, I took it twice, the first time came out INFJ and second time ISFJ.

    sooo far off
    I like the questions, though.
    9w1 4w5 5w4 sp/sx RCUAI
    art blog

    "I set about seeking a style in the realm of legend. Something that might allow me to give free rein to my juvenile sense of romanticism and the beautiful image"
    - Leni Riefenstahl

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    SEE Se



    Sociable, lively, and frank, you are the most at ease when you feel that you are present on the front lines where things are really happening and taking part in the action. You like to have a good time, and you like to have as many people as possible enjoy that good time right along with you. You are tolerant and interested in others and you tend to put in a lot of effort when it comes to fostering good relations between people. Your energy and bubbly enthusiasm can be contagious, and when people are feeling blue they'd be wise to come to you for cheering up. In general, you tend to feel that people make too big of a fuss about their differences of opinion and that they should just bury the hatchet and get on with doing the things that make them happy.

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    E: 64% I: 36%
    S: 18% N: 82%
    T: 9% F: 91%
    P: 64% J: 36%

    Sounds about right. I'm an ENFP, but I definitely have found that my N and F are my strongest variables. I'm surprised that the ratio of P to J isn't a bit closer, because I always want to be on top of things and appear in control. But I do love improvisation and the like, so I guess all in all this is good!

    Great test!
    "You can't help respecting anybody who can spell 'Tuesday,' even if he doesn't spell it right, but spelling isn't everything. There are days when spelling 'Tuesday' simply doesn't count." -- Winnie the Pooh

    ENFP 3w2-7w6-8w7 sx/so
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    infj Ni



    I: 64%
    N: 73%
    F: 91%
    J: 64%

    I am not that introverted. Even when I'm cocooning, which I am doing currently, I tend to do it near other people. Geez.
    "The true genius shudders at incompleteness, preferring silence to everything that it should be." Edgar Allen Poe

    "There's a magic inside,
    Just waiting to burst out.
    There world is a goldmine-
    That will melt tomorrow."M83

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