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Raven's Matrices IQ test

Indigo Rodent

Active member
Apr 4, 2019
Lol, found a Raven's matrices test online. I think it may be the real test or something because it's clearly scanned from something - probably Standard Progressive Matrices (RSPM).
The game was pretty fun. Most of questions were very easy, but the last page was somewhat challenging. It seems I got a high score XD :
Your IQ is 145.16129032258
You have excellent creative and logical abilities that can help you succeed in any industry. There are only 0.2% of people with your level of IQ! Your name has every chance to sound as loud as the names of Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking - because you have the same level of IQ. Such people as you are able to make a high contribution to the development of knowledge and science, to create new inventions and theories.
Lol, would explain why I kept having that weird idea that I should get into tech. Like I had this weird thing where I wanted to be programmer and do stuff like make simulationist tactical wargames but I was never capable of achieving necessary depth to even get an entry level job because I wouldn't be able to maintain this kind of extensive Extroverted Thinking use.
Did some photos and basically maxed out Ne and Te when doing the test O_O . Absolutely unsustainable.