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    Default guys help me type this person.

    Sri Ramakrishna Biography - life, childhood, children, parents, death, mother, son, information, born
    A short biography of Ramakrishna
    ok so please help me type this indian saint by the name of ramakrishna.
    the above link describes him in more detail but here are a few things about him.
    1)he could become so engrossed so absorbed in beautiful sites that he would often fall unconsious,like when he was watching a flock of cranes fly by it was so beautiful that he fell unconsious or if you got absorbed in a religious idea he would often fall into theres trances
    2)was very introspective
    3)was genius tho he rejected learning school work he learned all hs religious books by heart
    3)i dont know if he was a thinker or feeler but he tended to show alot of emotion during the worship of the hindu deities tears would run down his face so im not sure if in intj would be this emotional or caught up in rapture but im going to say he was an infj?
    any thoughts?

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    An ENFJ, my best guess.

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