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    Quote Originally Posted by jscrothers View Post
    Otherwise, if the goal is to make MBTI more scientific in representation, and if that goal coincides with "Oh, hey; it measures a lot of stuff that the Big Five does!", then why not cut out the middleman and simply use the Big Five?
    Perhaps because, as McCrae and Costa (the leading Big Five psychologists) have acknowledged, each typology may have things to learn from the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jscrothers View Post

    That is to say, if it's used for anything else beyond the scope for which it's been validated, it really is going to be bogus and unscientific in practice.
    I agree. Though my fear of harmful usage of it is more directed towards the business world than the scientific world. Businesses incorporating the MBTI - or any other personality inventory - to try to sort or make decisions about their employees have more of a dangerous prospect on their hands in terms of using this to box people in and limit their opportunities, I think. I have already seen touches of personality-role matching questions at my previous job and it just made me shudder to think how completely inaccurate it could end up being, because I know no one who knows psychology from a monkey's ass is working in that hiring office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reckful View Post
    Perhaps because, as McCrae and Costa (the leading Big Five psychologists) have acknowledged, each typology may have things to learn from the other.
    There's a lot of discussion here on what the MBTI can learn from other systems, but, as you mention, there's discussion about the flipside too.

    On what the MBTI can teach other personality systems, they state that its neutral, colloquial language makes it capable of "teach individuals the nature and value of individual differences"; and that existing "extensive empirical literature on the MBTI" in terms of career choices could be assimilated into our collective understanding (p37).

    That is, what MBTI has to teach us is (a) the non-scientific 'understand one another' stuff, and (b) the results of the studies that have already been conducted with the MBTI. I believe that MBTI has a good amount to offer for (a), and that 'non-scientific' doesn't mean 'absolute garbage' (it's useful stuff), but for (b)? Its existing studies can be incorporated to great benefit, sure; but I believe that future studies could be conducted with an instrument that's better suited for the task.

    That instrument may or may not be the Big Five. HEXACO seems promising--like MBTI, it hits on most of the Big Five; but it adds another dimension, which may give a better explanation of personality--though I don't know too much about it.
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