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    Quote Originally Posted by WALMART View Post
    Have you not seen Phenomenon?
    Unfortunately not

    Looks like an interesting movie though.

    @Sanjuro Sorry I've been away. I've sent you a reply to your PM with the book link

    Quote Originally Posted by Sanjuro View Post
    It's fairly cannon that as much as we might disintegrate, we never BECOME the that type. Most practitioners will make this explicit, and given that they've studied thousands of cases more than I, I am prepared to take their word on it.
    I don't really care about what's cannon if there is no real understanding behind it A thousand cases isn't a lot to make something dogma.

    ...EDIT: of course my words may sound a bit harsh here. Don't take it the wrong way I'm sure those practitioners do have a lot of useful experience.

    Those behaviors had more to do with my underlying sense of my relation to the world. I've always been obviously Ne-dom, both in profile and in thought processes.
    What do you mean by "underlying sense of my relation to the world"? Can you elaborate a bit? Thanks.

    Right, but, not part of the processes we're describing here (i.e., associated with MBTI and Enneagram). Something far more universal and non-type specific.
    Possible, but how do we differentiate?

    Well, it wasn't intended to be precise--it was a summary statement, one that's obviously easy to misunderstand. That's why I was saying it's NOT necessarily indicative of being Se-dom. It's even conceivable that wandering the world and fighting people is more indicative of Enneagram 7 or 8 than anything specifically Se. That's why I'm saying those behaviors don't necessarily prove one sort of associated process or another.
    Yeah, that makes sense.

    Disintegration, you think?
    It's scarily well described by Enneagram 5-ish tendencies so yes according to theory it would be 8 to 5 disintegration.

    COULD YOU?? Before I comment anymore on the case, I'd like to review the evidence. If you have a copy of a larger pool of information, I'll take a look.
    Sent now.

    I'll have to review the evidence before commenting.
    I'll be curious to hear about your opinion

    It's possible I suppose. I read several cases of it online, that's all. So it's not exactly a definitive study. But most of them assumed their "fear of people" made them "introverts", which, of course, is a misunderstanding of introversion on their part. Still, I'd hesitate to rule someone as having totally changed type when it's clear that there's also brain trouble afoot.
    Makes sense

    Well the article said it was a part of the brain that wasn't used much that got activated. I assume that would count as relative isolation. As to the person himself
    I think that part in the brain was used before too but it was not allowed to enter consciousness. In my case, that same area (or similar at least) can get to cosnciousness, even as a small kid I was able to have some conscious content from there. But I've never been as extreme with it as him. Again, I didn't have brain damage, this is true. That would make it extreme for him. Still it's interesting parallels between type preferences and this case.

    Well I've read most of the literature on enneagram, and it is actually repeatedly emphasized that you do not change type. You can move up and down levels of health and adopt the strategies of your wings and connecting points, but the type appears inborn and unalterable as your DNA. It is not dogma, it's based on tens of thousands of case studies, including atypical ones.
    DNA isn't unalterable actually.

    Much of the brain actually develops in the first few years of life.

    It's true that afterwards it's less changeable. But there is a certain degree of plasticity. The question is, is it enough for type change ...physical changes to the brain of course would be a neat shortcut around that issue... as long as it's not damage that fucks up too much shit. Apparently, Padgett is lucky in that sense, he's only got a few, mostly bearable side effects.

    As to MBTI, I'm less well-versed and don't know what is generally accepted about the system regarding type changes.
    Jung referred to it as being possible. Official MBTI, I don't think deals with this issue much. There's some MBTI site that has a payware test (on top of a free version), they seem to be professionals and all and they also talk about type change.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stanton Moore View Post
    I have a chronic condition that effects the brain.
    I used to have a limited ability to visualize, but now i can call up the image of what i remember. Also the snow storm you see when you choose your eyes? The pattern became much cleaner, to the point where I could see people in detail, people who would just appear in my mind eye. It's something i could never do before. I t think it was my brain rerouting around damaged tissue.
    Interesting! Have you had some side effects too?

    Btw the snow storm thingie, I'm not familiar with that. If I close my eyes, I just see red-ish darkness I can of course think up images, entire visual stories. What kind of people do you see in detail?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric B View Post
    Here's another apparent example:

    Stevie Wonder INFJ/ISTP analysis | "ERIPEDIA"
    interesting, thanks

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