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    Default Glasgow Coma Scale

    In Glasgow Coma Scale, points are awarded for behavior and reaction to stimuli that indicate consciousness. As you might guess, this is used to chart the level of brain injury in and after an emergency. Still, I know people who would regularly get less-than-perfect scores if this test was administrated to them, with no emergency involved whatsoever.

    You get the best score from each category that applies to you, for a maximum of 15 and a minimum of 3.

    4 points for opening eyes spontaneously
    3 points, when spoken to
    2 points, if under pain
    1 points if never

    5 points for speaking in a manner that shows recognition of the time, place and person
    4 points for being confused
    3 points for random out-of-context words
    2 points for making sounds
    1 points for not talking

    6 points for obeying verbal commands
    5 points for knowing where you hurt
    4 points for avoiding pain
    3 points for flexing your limbs to pain
    2 points for extending your limbs to pain
    1 points for doing nothing


    p.s. are some personality types more prone to scoring low on this scale? I know an IxTP who scores around 10 for the most time, going as low as 7 regularly.

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    Everybody who's reading this thread are too low on the GCS to respond.

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    Well I often choose not to talk or choose to do nothing so I could potentially score low on this scale. Difference is that I'm aware that I'm not talking or doing something and I'm making that choice.
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