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    Default Enlightment with the cognitive functions :)

    I have studied the theory behind the MBTI quite a lot. First, I thought I was INTJ and later on I realized that I was actually INTx. Quite recently, I have started thinking that my F side feels far too strong to seem not to appear in test.

    That was until I did a cognitive functions test at today. That really opened me a new door when it comes to typology.

    According to the basic MBTI tests on the internet, I am:
    75 % I
    66 % N
    66 % T
    50 % J/P

    Now, according to the cognitive functions test, my usage of the functions is:
    Ti excellent
    Fi excellent
    Ni excellent
    Te good
    Ne good
    Si limited
    Se limited
    Fe unused

    In terms of the MBTI, I read this test saying that I am a combination of INTP, INTJ and INFP with all of them weighted rather equally. Furthermore, considering the temperaments as well, this suggests that I am 66 % NT and 33 % NF. That's quite a different a result from what the plain preference percentages suggest. For example, judging the four letters only, I kind of should be an INFJ (have Fe) as well but I definitely do not.

    So, I saw the light today I had already thought that I am too complex for these analysis and therefor, I had thought that there was nothing left about them for me to study but apparently I was wrong.

    I wonder if anyone else has had similar kind of experiences with typology?

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    You're either INTP or INTJ. When I take the cognitive functions test, Fi usually comes out the highest, but that's really just because I use my Ti to do the same things that Fi does. I doubt you could be an INFP if you have good Te but unused Fe, and you're certainly not an INFJ. But I agree that you seem like a mix of INTP and INTJ. If you go by your best function, your an INTP, but if you go by your tertiary inferior, you're an INTJ.

    Anyways, have you tried this test? It's a different version of the one you have above.

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