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    If they looked at the type steriotypes or whatever, I'm sure they would still think I'm an ENFP. People who think I'm smart might think I'm an ENTP lol some who think I'm introverted in the classical sense of the word might plug an I in there somewhere. At the end of the day, I think if someone read the ENFP description, they would go 'wow, that's totally nagai!'. The places where I differ from normal ENFP's don't really pop up that much on a day to day basis. If they're impressed by my conceptual discussions, that's pretty much the only thing that would make them think I may be one of the classical smart types lol. I'm not saying I'm all that smart btw, I just have my strengths and can be smart in that arena.
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    I've gotten istj from a girl at a bar, estj from friend's Gf, intj from ex upon making her take an mbti test, and "definitely rational possibly field marshal" from my best friend's father when he discovered keirsey. My best friend's guess after I recently introduced him to typology was esfp
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    There are very few people I meet face to face who talk about MBTI. The few that do have said, introvert for sure. INTP, INTJ, and INFP are the most common. Two ENTJs I know believe me to be INTP (though possible INTJ). An ENTP I know typed me as introvert for sure, probably N and P, and was undecided on T-F. An INFJ I know said I was INFP for sure.

    The others who talk about MBTI that I've met IRL are on this forum, and I think they kept with the INTP description. The two living in my area (an ENFJ and an ENFP) seemed to believe this description even after hanging out many times.

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    Sometimes I get pegged as INFP/INFJ when I'm stressed or depressed.

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    I like to think I come off as a lulzy e3 or a slightly quieter e7 (ESTP/ENFP/ENTP). To strangers atleast. a lot of people who know me better though would probably think i'm an INFP/INTP 4w5 with a 7 head fix
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    I've probably asked 20 people in real life had they ever heard of MBTI since I got into it around 2006 and none of them had ever heard of it. Even on other non-personality websites and chat rooms I've only found maybe 4 people who've heard of MBTI. From what I've found, there's not many people into this. Then again, it could be that most of the people I've asked about MBTI have been 40+ years old. This is something I've thought about for a long time. It would be nice to find someone IRL who was aware of MBTI, then I would ask them. I've found a few IRL that had heard of Carl Jung but did not know anything in depth about his work. My guess would be that many here are or have been psychology majors/minors and have been in IRL social groups who were aware of MBTI. I've asked 7 of my cousins and they all asked me what MBTI was. I've read some threads on the forums here where some people learned of MBTI in high school but it never was mentioned at my school or any of my cousin's high schools.

    I know I'm side tracking here, but this has puzzled me ever since 2006 when I became aware of MBTI. I'd be surprised if I found someone IRL who knew about it. I have asked many times only to get that "huh ???" look.

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    I ooze Ti dominance and everybody notices!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcda View Post
    wow, you know people in real life who have heard of MBTI? Where do you find em?

    I don't know anybody IRL who has heard of MBTI except for those I told (and none of them followed it up).
    Yeah, this.
    I find surprising how you american easily talk about other people that see you as being other type. I guess it's just because you guys learned about MBTI in high-school right? They apply assessments and stuff...
    Other countries - at least mine - doesn't even know what that is. I doubt that even people majoring Psychology here study about MBTI specifically. I don't know a single person that knows about these types, and actually I pretty much like this fact...

    Anyway, if people here would know about MBTI, they would probably type me as INFP or ESFP. I wouldn't judge them, even I had a hard time typing myself...
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    I've had 2 people at work, but not whom I work with on a daily basis, talk to me about typology and they both pegged me as ENTJ, which made me lol...
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    Because I perform in front of people and because I do public speaking, people always assume I'm an extrovert, but what they don't know is that I spend a long time alone building up energy for said events and I spend a long time alone afterwards replenishing it. What they don't know is that everytime I get up and perform or speak, it's because I have a driving need, a passion, for the thing I'm talking about and my need to communicate that passion supersedes my fear of getting up in front of people. Because I have a lot of energy when I'm onstage, people assume that I love to be surrounded by people most of the time, but really, I don't. People wear me down so I have to retreat. They don't always get that I'm looking at the bigger picture and not just what's comfortable for me on a personal level.

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