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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiltyred View Post
    Well, you should find a witch's teat on them before you go dunking. It's more reliable when you cross-check, you know ...
    yea but it is N or S that float?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    For the third time you don't switch J/P. And I honestly don't understand why you're dismissing the entire theory without doing any research. Can you explain why? Doesn't seem like the rational thing to do.
    If I were to guess, it would be the same reasons I do - Enneagram is too wrapped up in mysticism and spirituality, while socionics is the same, along with throwing the physical appearance stuff in there (which doesn't make any sense, other than general gestures and expressions).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nigel Tufnel View Post
    being handy is one indicator, but not always apparent from typical office/party/playing sports activities
    handyness... I can beat quite a few Sensors in that field (Do I get an S point for my handyness?)
    Then again, I'm only handy when I'm interested in the thing I'm doing. So - painting, working with clay, cooking, building a wine rack, repairing a bike... no problem. Eating without spilling food? Big problem.

    To me, one of the N (maybe NP) indicators are 'thought leaps' and jumping from one topic to the other.

    Living in the future (N) versus living in the present (S) seems also a quite big difference. But that's not really visible unless you know the person very well. Maybe I only see that as a big difference because that's one of the things I'm quite extreme at.

    Interested in abstract theories can also be an indicator.
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