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    Default Which kind of function use do you think this might be?

    I'm still not good at differentiating certain functions......even though I really try to all the time observing my friends (almost annoying)....
    do you think the following examples indicate the use of a specific function?
    (all examples are comments of one and the same person)

    - My friend looks at a photograph of a person's face as a kind of advertisemet in a shoe store and wonders why they would advertise shoes by only showing the faces of people

    - My friend recognizes that there is a Lego-shop opening in a big shopping street, finding it silly that the shop has two stores only displaying Lego (he must have thought that this is way too much space for something like Lego).

    - Notices inconsistencies in the translation(s) on juice or milk cartons, as. e.g. the german description lacks certain kinds of information that the english one provides

    mpf, I'm lacking further examples at the moment.... add more if I notice them....

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    Just a guess..

    1) Ne
    3) Ti

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