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I guess what I'm saying is that I somehow feel less understood now
^ This. If I thought I was misunderstood before discovering MBTI, now I really feel misunderstood. Before, all the people I met were different and "normal", but they just didn't get everything about me. That was fine, I just felt a little out of place. Now, I'm the one who is "normal" and those whom I encounter in the world seem to have already discovered MBTI theory, are either INT's or ENT's. They love me but also test my patience, of which I have none. So when I get lost and just happen to meet someone who really is normal, (hasn't been tested, is just a regular everyday sort of girl or guy) I almost want to just give them a little hug and ask them over for dinner. It really is that bad. I mean, I seem to feel very comfortablewith people who know absolutely nothing about MBTI and yet it seems to be very rare to find one of them. I know, weird, huh?