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    Default The Mid-life Crisis and Inferior Fi

    I was thinking about E_TJs and their fourth function (Fi) and was wondering about this.

    The occurance of a 'midlife crisis' seems to be quite common in the Te doms, the high performing and very driven business types. I was wondering if a midlife crisis could be an 'awakening' of inferior Fi? "Who am I? What actually matters to me? What is really important?".

    I see it as a possible last step to self-fulfilment for the E_TJ.

    This could possibly apply to the other types as well:

    ES_P: Ni = fear of approaching death/old age
    I_TJ: Ne = trying to find meaning in their life
    EN_P: Si = regret over past mistakes/missed opportunities
    IN_J: Se = "check out my new porsche!"
    I_TP: Fe = Loneliness, search for connections
    E_FJ: Ti = Breaking down long held beliefs
    I_FP: Te = "Have I made any difference to the world, have I achieved anything?"

    Just a thought
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinlan View Post
    EN_P: Si = regret over past mistakes/missed opportunities
    Absolutely true for me.
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