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The point of the thread, I think, is that:

P is known for being flexible
J is known for being rigid

then he's claiming that:

N is also kind of flexible
S is also kind of rigid

so when you match them:

NP = very flexible
SP = kind of flexible (more rigid than NP)
NJ = kind of rigid (more flexible than SJ)
SJ = very rigid

And I think it may appear that way, or I may be misunderstanding what N/S and P/J mean. Sometimes I have trouble deciding whether a person is P or NJ.
SJs are rigid on the short-run, NJ are rigid on the long-run. Since most daily decisions regard the short-run, then SJ appear more set in their ways. Yet they are generally much more malleable on the long-run goals, often simply because they don't easily think about them/don't trust their vision.