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    Default Te in inferior vs demon functions

    Hi, everyone- I was curious if any of you have a solid way of comparing the difference in behavior from an individual using Te as the inferior function vs demon function?

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    So Demon function is the 8th?

    The 4th function is much more able to be wielded. It can be a frequent source of stress when it is called too much on, but at the same time it is also a conscious part of the person's story. The inferior can provide a release valve for overexcitement of the dominant function, and provides the dominant with a way of "covering its bases".

    The 8th function is similar to the 4th in terms of causing stress, but will have a much harder time being wielded, as such perhaps being even more stress inducing. It tends to either a) just happen, or b) happen in the later stages of developing something. Too much use can really drag on the dominant function, by causing a person to focus on the attitude of their dominant (introverted/extroverted, perception/judgment), but with the opposing variant.

    So inferior Te will run contrary to Fi but be used in an intentional manner, in order to relieve energy or focus on a stressful situation. 8th function Te will interact with the environment like Fe, but do so in a mechanical manner, which is opposed to Fe's social tendencies. The function represents both the suppression of the dominant, and the last cognitive stage in bring something about: turning it from the social to the systemic.

    4th function will show up more in the person's overall life, whereas 8th function might somewhat but in a less clear manner. A person may become well versed in their 4th function, but is unlikely to capitalise much on their 8th function in its own right (although benefit from having it on board in the overall scheme).


    Lastly, the 8th function can be seen as a response to the call from the 4th function. So if Te is 8th, it is responding to Ti - bringing application to theory - but if Te is 4th, Ti is the response - forming principles from processes.


    From being INFJ with secondary INFP, I can say that 7th function Te is often like
    arguing a case - a social interaction has turned into a debate, and it becomes
    necessary to argue with reference to the evidence.

    For INFP, it is more like preparing a report - that you're attuned to what you're
    experiencing, and need to articulate it in a structured manner, to then share with
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