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Thread: Si vs Se

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    Default Si vs Se

    Si vs Se
    Si is an subjective function and se is an objective function.
    Si is what do you see,what do you hear,what do you taste and what do you hear.
    Se is what is there,what is heard,what is seen, and what is taste.
    Si can make se users made by coming across as blind or the se users can make si users for being too in the moment.
    Good example of si
    13 reasons why by selena gomez-obvious si dom
    12 angry men
    When detectives investigate witness ask for an aleby and what did they saw
    Or the phrasing beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Good example of se
    Yugioh game
    Bakugan game i think both games were written by an istp.
    Do as you please we are as gods

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    When someone says an introvert is someone who recharges his /her battery when alone, we should wonder who does he/she say an introvert is like?
    A cellphone perhaps? that needs battery recharging?

    It is a definitely an introvert sensation example paired probably with an extroverted thinker. Someone must have popularized this sentence since I found it almost everywhere on the net. I wonder Who did that.

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    I always saw subjective and objective functions as more the domain of the judging functions. Se and Si are perceiving so they take information in without giving it value.

    Se absorbs information best in the moment in an experience. This is why Se types are often associated with kinesthetic earning styles.
    For Si, processing information is often done best in one's own head and alone. Sometimes, Si users need to retreat and have alone time to fully reflect and post-process the infornation.
    There's a similar dynamic with Ne and Ni.
    Oh, sand nothing is without bias. We think of numerical measurements as objective and empirical things are, but we'll always have bias in the interpertation.

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    It's pretty easy to see the difference: think of Si as the part of sensation that nobody can access. For example, when you experience a red tomato, the experience of yours is totally private, and nobody else can access it directly.

    On the other hand, sensation is quintessentially about objects hitting one of your perceptory/visual/taste/etc they convey something about the external world. That's the Se part.

    it's totally natural that there is a Si and Se side to sensation. Actually, what's harder to explain is the Ni and Ne.

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