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    I tend to not trust over all. Or I suppose one could say rather that I trust people to be people.

    My 'people skills' are 'rusty'.
    Pardon me, but I have spent the last 'year' as a multi-dimensional wavelength of celestial intent...
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    My problem is the reverse, I've been too quick to reveal too much about myself early on. It's still my first instinct to do this, but I've learned to control it better as I've gotten older. If I feel like I'm "clicking" with someone, I'll just start pouring out more details and info about my personal interests and thoughts, so I have to be careful, because I can almost do it unconsciously if I feel that clicking with another person.

    Some people can abuse that information. I view that sort of sharing as an intimate thing that I wouldn't do with just any person, so if they then go and share it with a lot of people, it can feel like a real violation, like sleeping with someone and them bragging to the entire school the next day.

    I've always been a fairly secretive person, but the right people are easy to open up to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satachi View Post
    Apologies in advance for quoting without the names. Reading some of the older threads, I really liked one of the suggestions that (sx) throw out bits of information to see whether someone will take a bite and then share their own opinion.
    Thinking about my own style (sp), I often feel like I need TIME specifically to determine whether I should trust the other person even if I'm 95% sure of who they are based off our interaction. With time, I feel more secure that they won't betray me or leave even if the connection itself is fantastic. This feels like it might be a (sp) thing, but maybe it's just universal for all (sx/sp/so) types. How strongly do sx or so types relate to this?
    Also sounds Ni to me, specially NiTe but it's vague enough it could be a number of things I suppose
    I approach things, in an easygoing way I guess, as consistent with Delta type descriptions of how they approach intimate relations (from what I have read)
    Trust (6 also? could be 4 too) is pretty important to me, yes, but it could also be the recent trauma that is making that even more salient for me

    Regarding so, people described themselves as needing an established relationship first before divulging personal information. This seems similar to the requirement of time but I'm not entirely sure. Eitherway, it's clear the difference between (sx and so), where sx builds trust by seeing how people react to personal information, while (so) seem to be the other way around.
    I guess sx and so can both share while sp conserves (to put it briefly). sx is seeking a super intimate bond while soc types like to bond with many, ensuring their "belonging" to...x, to whatever is important to them. sx can ignore broadening in that sense and focus on those few brief relationships that are very attractive to them. im not sure about what you mentioned about so doms, but I can relate to what you say about sx. not that others don't share personal information, I don't know, I get very frustrated with online communication, but others quite literally say sometimes sx doms can put them off by the amount of intensity they might desire. sx mid would have a healthier approach to this.

    How do (so) types go about establishing that trust?
    It's possible to know someone for a long time, but that doesn't mean that you feel the need to trust them in a deeper way.
    I personally might let go of "someone I know for a long time but do not trust in that way" as in my mind it feels "not worth it." The relationships I preserve I tend to share a lot of painful, intimate, and even traumatic details about me, with these people.
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