i find sp doms very intimidating.
sp sx's seem so scary, like i couldnt reveal any of my feelings since id be instantly judged.

sp doms seem nice, but my deepest traumas are caused by them.
(fictional sp so's i find irresistably attractive, and a few real entp's of such.)

sx doms i usually find quite dull.
some sx so's have very attractive fluid sensual body posture/movements i like to admire. (some sp sx's too), much like me usually, or mostly just rigid in a sleek way.

i find fictional so sx's irresistably wise and charismatic, but real so sx's never seem to fill the shoes the fictional ones make seem possible.. -.-
and even if the real ones are, they usually seem so disoriented that its just off putting.

so sp's liveliness i find nice, but ive came to realize they are unpredictably dangerous and negeative emotional influence.

the sp doms being intimidating to me must be just me empathising how they find me intimidating, since i find fictional sp so's by default, attractive. (it seems sp so's hate that i dont feel as they want me to be. i find them usually awfully suppressive and hurtful.)

i also hate how hypocritical sp sx's can be. they wont listen to reason, emotions come always first.

now you.