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Thread: Trance Abuse

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    Default Trance Abuse

    It is important to save this post from the Graveyard and initiate a conversation:

    Originally Posted by that's not my name

    Then why are you here?

    A good question that deserves a good answer.

    Just as my existence requires no justification, so the truth requires no justification. So I am here first and foremost to tell the truth, as I see it.

    And more interestingly, I am here because I am interested in how cults manage to avoid the truth, and indeed how they manage to avoid rationality.

    They do this by the simple expedient of entrancing their followers. And in the trance our rational faculties go to sleep and our imaginative faculties wake up. And we can imagine anything, and believe anything, without testing it against reality.

    And the first rule is that a trance can be induced with any repetition. So it is the repetition of the jargon of mbti that induces the trance.

    The second rule is that we should always ask permission before we induce a trance and before we make suggestions.

    And permission has never been asked on this site to induce a trance or to make suggestions.

    This is called trance abuse.

    And frankly, I can't see myself abandoning my fellow members to trance abuse, no matter how unpopular I may be.

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    What is trance abuse? Let me quote from Dennis Weir:

    What is trance abuse?

    Trance abuse occurs because of the opportunity to give hypnotic suggestions to a person whenever they are in a trance. Whenever a person is in a trance they are often more suggestible and less critical of new ideas. Judgement and volition, for example, may be disabled.

    It is trance abuse to take advantage of someone’s cognitive disability when they are deliberately induced into a hypnotic trance without their permission or agreement and then to give them suggestions which influences their behavior.

    Exactly how do people get caught up in trance abusive situations?

    When you want to escape a feeling of disappointment, being hurt or angry, all of which feelings can be painful, many people repeat things in their heads or otherwise create a trance in order to avoid being aware of these feelings.

    When a person knows how to take advantage of trance – that is, to recognize it and to encourage it in others – he or she may, if they are sufficiently without scruples, exploit this state and deliver hypnotic suggestions. Nah. Nobody would do that.

    Repetition creates trance. But trances can also be created by engaging internal processes. The words ‘remember’ and ‘imagine’ are especially powerful ways to create trances.

    “Remember that night not too long ago when you were with that special person? Imagine it very clearly now and remember how important it is to learn new things, now, and to tell other people about them.” Saying something like that is trance abuse.

    How good do you feel? You can feel better than that.
    Watching television for example is another very common trance abusive situation.

    What can they do about it?

    They can turn the television off, if they can. However, trance can causes immobility and lack of will. Most people want to just to sit there and be a TV zombie.

    But in other trance abusive situation they need to identify how the trance is being done by looking for the repetition of words or images. Second, words and images that stimulate you to remember personal experiences, or which generate strong emotional responses, or which create confusion, or which seem illogical. The purpose of such words or images is to overload you either intellectually or to emotionally tire you in such a way that you escape to a repeated fantasy or dream, that is, a trance. The words that are repeated will have embedded commands or explicit directions which your disabled awareness will accept and probably at a future time unconsciously follow. If you cannot identify the repeated parts, then get away from whoever is attempting to bring into a trance.

    Confronting the trance abuser is also a good idea. They may deny that they are abusing you. They may even assert that they have a right to induce trance and then to use your higher suggestibility in any way they want! In any event there is no law against trance abuse. Your only defence is to be aware of trance abuse techniques, make other people aware of them and to fight the trance abusers whenever you can.

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