What happens to members when they start to get well on Central?

We get rid of them.

When a member starts to leave their neurosis, they become a threat to all the neurotics left behind.

The neurotics experience visceral clutch and move to remove the member causing such emotional pain.

Unfortunately the emotional pain is the pain of healing, and is a threat to the neurotic weltanschauung of the group.

The techniques of getting rid of a member are sophisticated in order to give plausible denial and so the member will become confused and not recognise what is being done to them.

A favourite technique is to provoke the member to strike back and then they play gotcha. They get you for breaking the rules and so can get rid of you with complete legitimacy.

I have recently received two private posts to intimidate me and to get me to strike back so they can get rid of me.

The two private posts were from a moderator who told me they were not speaking in their official capacity. Smelling a rat, I suggested they repeat their posts in the public forums in the interests of transparency and accountability, but they refused point blank.

And what is the point of a sophisticated system of getting rid of members?

The point is simply to defend the group neurosis.