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I don't believe any type is impossible, but an I_FJ 3 is a lot more likely than an I_FP.
Yeah I agree I think it also can be more prominent in Se doms (I also think Jim Morrison was an Se dom not an ISFP but I didn't find it worth quibbling over like Warhol, who I have been thinking is Si/Fe for years, and I think about Andy Warhol a lot)...I think it almost necessitates a strong emphasis on Se or Fe regardless of its the dom or aux function.

I think IxFP are more likely to be 4w3 ...I am attracted to 3s sometimes, I have been close to two ESFJ 3s. Oh yes I was, though that's probably a collective nightmare of many on this forum, it just reinforced to me that I am not likely to be N dom lol.